Here is HiPal app and it very quickly is growing in the top charts in the social media category. I was super curious what this app is about. First when I opened it I was like yeah, this is just one of those millions of apps where just you have casual chatting and all of that.

But the trick here is that it's like a walkie-talkie app and this feature can be pretty addictive and it's super fun. So it's like a social media around walkie-talkie.

Maybe you remember those kind of walkie-talkie devices when you were a kid. So yeah, this is the app around that. It is an online social app that takes a unique and innovative approach to the classic walkie-talkie.

Within seconds your device can turn into a walkie-talkie that allows you to chat with friends anywhere, anytime. You can even hear your walkie-talkie outside of HiPal.

HiPal provides high-quality communication and supports one-on-one chat as well as other group options. Message your friends in HiPal, group chat, meet more people, and then you also have posts. But here is the app so you can easily create an account, and here's how it works.

So here you have friends and then you can start a walkie-talkie chat. Here's how it works. So just tap on the chat and tap on the walkie-talkie icon and then just here, I'm talking. That's how I talk. I can also access just normal messaging chat and then the person, my friends will reply me and it feels like a walkie-talkie app and that's the whole point of it.

It's pretty fun. Then you can also send these signals here. You can mute yourself. Then in top right you can delete this chat, change channel ID, change nickname, all of that.

So as you can see here, that's how it works. Then you can create group chats, select friends and create a group chat, and have walkie-talkie altogether. So that's the idea, it's an audio chatting app, like a clubhouse but you have this walkie-talkie on the speaker and it's kind of fun.

You can also invite friends with QR code here, so you can just add me. You can also have this code and share it with other friends. Then there is the feature which is called Public Square where you can add yourself, you are not added there automatically. You can just add yourself here and then you can just message someone.

It's super easy to message people here, there are no restrictions or anything. But just keep in mind that a lot of these random chatting apps are sometimes pretty scammy and that's what it is. Then in top right you have your profile. You can create a post, add some videos, you can add a job profile, change your profile picture, username, add your bio.

Why to do that? So here you have Explore tab where you have all these images and then it's kind of like instagram. Honestly, I don't know what the feature of it. Maybe you just want to explore someone's profile and you want to explore who you want to chat with, and then you can just go to walkie-talkie.

So this app is not random audio chat. It's more like you just go to the group chat and that's how it works. And then you can go to settings in top left. There is also a high-powered widget which you can add, so just go to your home screen, tap on plus icon, and tap add widget.

So that's a standard high-powered, home screen widget. If you want, you can easily delete your account if you're concerned about your data and privacy. Yeah, change your language

These are the features. Of course, the main feature is that this walkie-talkie thing, you can mute yourself if you want, you can send a "roger that", or you can send a ringtone alert. And then in the top you have this code where you can invite people or add members.

So that's kind of fun. Yeah, I guess that's just a quick overview. Hope it was helpful.

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