Houseparty app alternatives

hello so i just read the news that house party app is shutting down in october 2021 so for people who don't know how party went viral during the pandemic it was the app where you can just play games together with your friends using the app so like for example your three four friends and then you can just play some drawing games or something like how it's called like crocodile game all of this like standard games just spending time on the distance but this app was acquired by epic games in 2019 it didn't have a lot of traction then it went completely viral millions of people downloaded it it was in top charts of the app store and then [Music] yeah but seems like the epic team wants to focus more on the other projects so therefore they are discontinuing the app so epic games build their fortnite so yeah now the app is just discontinued it's not no longer available in app store google play store and a lot of people are just really enjoying it because it was nice design nice branding really nice app actually so yeah um so now the question is what are the alternatives one of the alternatives i think is bunch app group video chats and games so this is what you can get for free so just download the app and it's similar to house party where you can just join the game together and see when your friends are playing and just play all these games together and have group chats and all of that so that's the idea um so yeah bunch app there is also another app which is called drive um here it's like a watch party you can watch netflix with french youtube his friends browse videos chat all of that so you can try that there then there is like air time uh you can try that app um that's about seeing it i guess um and of course uh you can have watch rooms in facebook messenger or in facebook uh you can just uh yeah while you are making a video call on messenger app you can just slide up and then you will have an option to watch together but i'm not sure if you can play games together on messenger but anyways these are the ideas what can be alternatives to house party app which is shutting down                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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