How do Streaks work in noteit app?

so what is notice strike streak and how it works exactly so if you just goes for FAQ so you can see it here so in order to maintain a streak you can't let your partner without a response for more than 24 hours and your partner needs to do the same if a streak breaks you will lose your previous notes except for the last five that were sent by your partner you can use the recover streak feature to recover previous strikes streaks sorry and how do you do that go to your raw screen then tapestry history so you can see the option to recover your streak so yeah you can just in the home screen see this is then you can see Street history and then you can see current streak and yeah so I just sent a note and then partner should should reply to this um like he or she she uh and then um yeah and then you have 24 hours to reply again and that's how you keep your streak so yeah what happens if you lose it history deletes when your streak breaks and then uh you will still have five latest um nodes um so something around that um it's pretty Advanced and then like our rows and then you can see that uh like it means that if if the streak is you're sending more and more like these rows will just continue to grow um something like that

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