How does God mode work in GAS app?

so how does God Mode work on gas so super simple let me just show you so here you have your inbox and then um yeah you want just to see who sent you this specific flame like this and then uh uh yeah you will see this button at the bottom see who sent it and then you just need to upgrade uh yeah and then you just upgrade there and you will be able to see the first name or I think like the first letter uh and then um if you you also have like during one week during seven days you have two reveals where you can just uncover full name you can only do it two times and then you have unlimited hints where you can just reveal the first letter of the first name so that's basically it uh also it has a feature called Anonymous mode but you can you need to enable it specifically so you need to go to edit profile manage account and here if you have a god mode I'm not subscribed to God mode right now because it's pretty expensive but I was so then here in the bottom you have Anonymous mode you need to enable that and it enables for like 60 minutes and then you can go and answer polls and while you're answering these false in Anonymous mode your god mode then uh yeah this pause are Anonymous from you if you have got mode and you didn't enable Anonymous mode then you're kind of uh still not uh uh not anonymous I guess um so yeah there you have it

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