How many videos per day can you upload on TikTok?

hey everyone so here's Tick Tock so how many videos per day you can maximum upload on Tick Tock so yeah I just try to edit some videos and just upload them all in batch and I just then when I was uploading I seen this message it says too many attempts uh uploading attempts to try again later so seems there is a limitation and you can only upload 10 videos per day on Tick Tock so that's that's it I don't know if this is like 24 hours or it's been reset after like uh 12 a.m or like how how it works exactly but yeah seems um there is some limitation and you can't upload more than 10 videos so if you for example have to our interview or some podcast and you just want to cut it and uh like you made like 20 clips for tick to actually purposes social media you will need like two days because it's not possible to upload more than 10 Clips per one go hope this is helpful

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