How to access Control Center in newer iPhones?

hey there so how to access control center on newer iPhones so to do that you can just go to settings and then just open control center but also here you can just see that you can actually swipe down from the top right Edge to open control center and yeah so like just swipe from the very top right corner slowly and then you will see control center if you just swiping in the middle you will see all the series suggestions but if you just swipe from the like top right corner you will see this Control Center and then if you just swipe a bit up you will see that there is like a top bar in in the top where you see the like the Border where you can swipe up so then yeah you can swipe from there in the right side and then you can just swipe back to to clear that yeah so that's like a difference on the newer phone and then uh yeah you can just again swipe like that maybe it's a bit inconvenient but it just depends like how often do you use like the features in the control center so there you have it

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