How to activate a tile in Tile app?

how to activate a tile in Tile app so tile is those small devices which you can attach to your keys to your cards some other things and then yeah if you want to find and you lost those you can easily discover them with your your phone so here you can just go through tile devices you can go to Bluetooth activate Bluetooth and then just connect those uh so then you can also just activate lost and found label uh the or you can also just shop and then you will be redirected to the app where you can see all of these products so yeah uh that not that expensive actually so where you can select 26 dollars um so all these discounts and holiday deals so yeah that's basically the idea um yeah unfortunately I don't have a tile device I just want to show you how it works and yeah that's basically it super easy to use then you can use C on the map if you lost something then you can just find it

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