How to ADD A FRIEND in NoteIt app?

here is noted app let's explore how to add a friend in this app so you can either sign up is your email obvious apple id and then you can just enter your email enter your password and then just tap sign up and that on the next screen you will see your link code and then here to add your friend on this app or to add your partner you just need to enter your partner's code here so your partner or another person who you want to see these notes needs to install the app and then he or she will be able to see yolin very link code which they can just generate and pass it here in this input field have your partner's code so then they can just be able to pass it there so that's that's the idea something like that and then you can just tap link to link that something went wrong please try again later so yeah because i entered just like some test code but anyways that's the idea

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