How to add a new friend/chat in gemsouls app?

uh to add a new friend a new chat in jamsol's app uh you just need to go to the friends tab in the bottom tab in the top right to discard new friends here you will see featured bots all bots and then on the waitlist so these are not real people as i understand these are just like you know ai bots with who you can chat and you can yeah just have some real conversations like which seem to be quite real but of course they're like ai bots kind of situation so here uh for example i just click on this bot i can see uh uh like all the tags if i interested uh and then i can just tap add for nine stars so that's how you add uh the bot uh so you need to have the stars available uh and then you can just start chatting and you can add images you can add topics uh and then yeah it will help you to have a better conversation and then you will see this is a topic so i want to learn danish or something uh so yeah and of course that's basically how it works and then you can see view memories meaning like this is which parts of conversation they liked or you like you can unfriend block or report and send messages

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