How to ADD an APP BACK TO HOME SCREEN on iPhone?

okay so how to put an app back on the home screen so if you have my case that i have a lot of screens a lot of apps here they're not really organized into folders so first thing you do of course that if there is not enough space just delete some of these apps here you can delete the app or you can just edit home screen and then just remove the app and then just move to app library and then just remove it from the from the screen so there is more space then you can just go to the app library and then you can just search for specific app or anything and then just you can just try to drag it and you can just drag it wherever you want so you can just put it here and then it will appear back on the home screen and then again you just tap and hold and you can move it around so you can just move it to all other screens so yeah something like that uh so that's the idea as you can see there can be quite a lot of apps here so yeah something like that so that's how i would do it that's how you can put the app back to the home screen because uh starting from ios 13 i think they have this feature which is called app library so it means app you download it or probably you're not using them they're just collecting an app library and yeah they are not if you exceeded the maximum of your home screens that will just go to app library and it won't appear on the home screen so yeah so something like that i hope it is helpful

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