so here is lock it widget and did you know that you can tap and hold and add widget for your best friend so you can just tap and swipe right and then you can add your best friend widget so you can just tap here and it's a specific widget for one of your best friends which you want just to keep separate and not mess with all other people so here you can just pick a friend either everyone or your specific friend or group of people and then select it and yeah then you are able to pick and have separate widget in the locket widget so something around that um that's how it is working it's available in the afternoon update of locate widget so if you search um here for locket you will be able to see that so here it is here and then uh yeah as you can see new profile menu plus you can now add special videos for your best friend and significant others so that's like uh that's the app it's version 1.8 also i'm using test flight version which you can get access to in the locket widget app if you tap on try new features early and then fill out the form and get access to test flight

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