so how to add heartbeat to a beami app this is one of the most popular questions people are asking me under my youtube videos so here you can see a number of steps in top left part of the app but i don't have heartbeat why is that so i was just reading some app reviews if you just go to the app store there is exactly developer response from the development team of this app why there is this kind of bug or it's not a bug you just need to know these two things first uh you need to make sure you get access to the health data so if you just go to health on the app store or like settings app in the ios then go to data data access and devices and here is a bme so here you need to give access to steps and heart rate and this is that you will see this pop-up when you create an account if you didn't see this pop-up or this permission request then just do it manually like this and you see here heart rate steps allow being me to write and allow be me to read to be sure so and already as you can see steps are reflecting here that's because i gave access here to the steps data but heart rate won't be counted unless you have apple watch or some google smartwatch if you're on android on android sorry or like any other device which tracks your heart rate and syncs it to the health data so it won't work only if you have phone unfortunately or in only if you have ipad so you need to have some kind of smartwatch which exactly tracks your pulse then it will be reflected in the health app on ios or some other app on android and then it will be synced with the obemia app so bottom line is you need to have apple like some smart watch it won't work only if you have a phone so that's and then you will have this heartbeat displayed here and also of course your partner needs to have this and then it will be displayed yeah on his page so that's how it works unfortunately yeah you can always go to your house app so it's a default app on iphone just go here and then you can see like if you see some if you don't see heartbeat here in this app in the house app it won't be reflected in a beam app so all all it does is just syncs data from house app to your beam app if your hard data is not coming to house app via some smart watch it just won't be reflected in a beam app so that's how it works hope it clarifies things you can always reach out to our bme app support team hope it is helpful

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