How to add MONEYGRAM WIDGET to iPhone?

okay so how to add MoneyGram home screen widget so just tap and hold and of course you need to have MoneyGram app already installed tap Plus in the top left and then you can just search for MoneyGram there is MoneyGram widget there are uh and yeah track the latest exchange rates for international money transfers and that's that's what it is at the moment and then yeah you just tap add you select the size of your widget and then get started and there you have it you can also edit okay efficient if you type and hold but yeah it doesn't show any data yet I hope you can just probably go to this estimator and see something like that this uh this widget is not supposed to show any like Advanced Data it only supposed to show some like transfer exchange rates like maybe exchange rates getting cheaper or how how much is that to transfer money to that country or to to that country so stuff like that and then you can just easily tap get started and instantly send yeah send your money it's it's not working for me yeah to be honest as you can see so it's a bit more complicated but just for for your information yes there is MoneyGram widget

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