in this tutorial we're gonna go through how to add ngl link to your instagram bio so of course you can just post this link to your instagram stories but what you can also do is just copy the link and add it to your buyer in instagram so people who didn't see your story can always just go to your buy on instagram and just uh yeah answer positives anonymous questions so for people who don't know this is the app which helps you to get anonymous messages from your followers or friends on instagram for example uh something like that and then uh you don't know who sent that message you will just get in this message and then you can post a reply on the instagram story as well so that's the app uh so i just copied the link and then you need to go to your instagram profile this is just a test account i want to show you and then you can just edit profile and then yeah here in the bio you can just pass it here like that and then yeah then you will be able to show it in in your buyer something like that anyhow and then this is how it will look like or maybe yep okay so it's not a good idea to add it into the bio because it won't be clickable of course sorry for that just forgot and then you just need to add it to the website here and then it will be clickable so just add it here and then tap done and it will be clickable hope that's helpful

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