How to add SnapWidget widget on iPhone? FULL GUIDE

so to add snap widget photo and drawing widget on on your iphone here's what you need to do so here is the app go download it you need to install uh yeah obviously on your iphone and then uh create an account you can only create an account with your phone number so that's that then basically here is uh here is the app here's how it looks like and then to install snap widget you can tap and hold the app start to jiggle then you can just install snap widget and add widget so that's basically how it works the cool feature about snap widget is that you can edit it and you can have a specific widget for specific friend so here are your old friends and then you can just add like specific videos for each specific friend so that's basically an idea so i hope hope that is helpful so yeah and that's basically that so now when when you send a photo to uh yeah when you just send a photo to your friends it's it it appears in the snap widget of friends snap widget so and if you have your own widget you will receive photos from your friends and as i just shown like you can have one widget for all friends or one separate widget for each friend and recently they just added cool new features like ability to add live photos ability to add like videos drawings and all of that so interesting app definitely give it a try

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