How to ADD WIDGET in LivePic LiveIn app?

how to add live peak widget uh live in so how to add that uh widget on your uh home screen so basically this is the app so you can just take a photo here and then you can just send it to the world followers or friends so for example i select friends and then i can just post it but for your friends to receive it you need you need to add this widget like that tap and hold and then search for live peak and then add this widget like this and then you will see pictures uh from uh from your friends here so that's basically it so someone sent me this picture um and then yeah i can just see it in my feed so something around that um so you can see widget setting i can uh you can select your best friend from your following and their moment will be updated in your widget so if i don't want to see some people in the widget i can just unselect them and then their pictures won't be leaving here so that's about it so again to add a widget hold down on any app to edit your home screen or just tap and hold on any home screen it shouldn't be just home screen any screen on your phone because sometimes i just don't like when the widget is exactly on my home screen because that's where i have all my major apps it can be on the second search screen then you can add the widget just tap the plus button in the left corner or right corner in the older iphones add the widget to your home screen so there you have it you can select all different sizes if you tap okay so if we just try again live peak so as you can see there are multiple sizes big size small size just three pictures four pictures whatever you want so you can just add this for example but then you can see how it takes half of your screen you can also easily remove it um so yeah that's the idea if you have any additional questions just leave them in the comments below

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