How to add WidgetPal widget on iPhone?

so to add widget pal uh widget on iphone you just need to search for widget file app uh make sure that it is installed on your phone otherwise widget won't be available so just install that and then just tap and hold on the screen where you want this widget to be installed tap on the plus icon in top left or top right and then you should be just searching for widgets okay so it doesn't work this way let's let's explore why i was just following the standard logic um so let's just open the app then um so it should be pretty straight forward as it is described here so then i can just create a new widget and then i can add new friends um there so let's just try to so now it it works so it wasn't appearing like last time i added a new widget and now it appears so seems there is some kind of bug like so if you can't add the widget just make sure to have to create a new one so there you have it um yeah so there can be some bugs here and there in these apps sometimes for locate widget app for example they say that widget might not be available um yeah so you need to have like first you need to wait for an hour and then and then it should be available so something like that

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