so to auto load your apple id balance just go to the app store tab on your account and top right up on your cloud account and then uh you can just see your apple id balance you can see your balance and then add money to account and then you can manually add your funds to apple id balance so but there is also setup after a lot so sometimes you just need to be sure that you have like for example hundred dollars always on your apple id balance or any other amount so here you can set up like uh you want to reload like hundred dollars and uh yeah like and the minimum balance is one dollar ten dollars will be automatically added to your apple account when your balance falls below one dollar then you can also have scheduled like or you can so depending on low balance or you can just do scheduled so amount five dollars you can set up rewards weekly you can set up every other week monthly or starting this day so something like that so for example today sunday so five dollars will automatically be added to your apple account every sunday so that's what you can do so something around that uh this is how it looks like um and yeah then your ability balance will be topped up automatically every week or every two weeks or something around it

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