How to become a creator in Zepeto app?

here run so here is the battle app so how to become a creator so there are all these closing all these styles here and yeah if you go to profile and tap on your icon top right you can just tap to become a creator uh and i think the idea here is that of course you can create all these items and then you can earn coins and of course like money and then uh and then of course earn some revenue with this app because there are so many users so then you just need to sign up create an account here it is a different account to your the batter to the batter account and then just tap next and then you can just verify your account and then you can create a creator profile and then you can select a template to create an item for example like here and basically i think you can just modify it and just follow all the instructions and all of that but bear in mind that this app is actually quite heavy so it requires like fast phone and fast internet connection because there are a lot of like details here so then yeah then you can just play with it basically you can just add it you can download or upload template tap next and so i don't know like how exactly that would work so for example if i use this photo like what okay so yeah you can just play with it you can apply different pictures and then just put these items in the store so that's the idea basically i hope it was at least a bit helpful

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