okay so how to block or uh yes so how to block someone on button new app so this is a new gaming social media app and yeah you can add friends here just search uh here by username but if you want to block someone just go to profile and yeah usually you need to have them in messages and tap on the icon in the top right and then you can just tap block and then are you sure you want to block someone tap confirm and then you will see this icon on the right side from their username that they are blocked so now let's explore how to unblock someone so here i am in my profile tap on settings in top right my account no it's not here i'm actually not sure how to unblock so probably let's just go again to that profile and then yeah if you go to that profile only from that you can just tap unblock and then that person that user is unblocked so hope that was helpful

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How To Change PWM Frequency Of Arduino UNO
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