How to blur video or image as sensitive content on Twitter?

so sometimes when you scroll through the Twitter feed you can see that some of the content preview is hidden especially for videos or photos so it's kind of blurred and it says warning it can be a sensitive content so how to do that so when you're uploading some kind of video for example a photo you see this edit icon in the bottom right so just tap on the other so and then you hear this is flag and from here you can put a Content warning on this bit select a category and we'll put a Content warning on this with this house people avoid contents they don't want to see so for example something like this and then you just add content warning sensitive content that bit author like this bit as shown sensitive content and then they will just be able to tap the show button and then the content itself will be revealed yeah so that's basically how you uh the tap content as sensitive and then yes you just tap done in top right so to save it remember to save it so that's basically the idea I hope that's helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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