How to bookmark and use collections in MxM News app?

so here is an amex some news app so to bookmark uh what you need to do is just tap on this bookmark and then you can just add it to collection or you can create a new collection and then just save it there so that's that um so then you just bookmarked that article and then you can also go to the article itself and then from the from the this app you can tap in top right and then you you'll be able to share that um so yeah as you can see this app doesn't produce its own news so it's just kind of like a collection aggregator from different news websites similar to like apple news or or google news apps or something like that so there you have it

Mobile bookmarks: Backup/Sync/Rearr...
Mobile bookmarks: Backup/Sync/Rearrange/Adding/Editing/Deleting
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