How to CANCEL NGL PRO subscription on iPhone?

so how to cancel ngl pro subscription so when you go to your messages uh tap on the messages and then you want to see who sends this and then you can tap unlock it and then you can see the price like it's 9.99 per week so it will be renewing every week not every month and it's pretty so that's that uh that's the app if you delete the account your subscription won't be cancelled if you delete the app one it won't be canceled you need to go to your settings app tap on your apple id in the top and tap on subscriptions so and then from the subscriptions feed here as you have like active subscription so you just will see active subscription and then you'll see like uh ngl pro subscription here and then you will be able to edit it and then in the very bottom you can tap to cancel it so these are the steps you need to take so also bear in mind that subscription is for one week so to not be charged for the next week you need to cancel at least like at maximum after six days so if you i think i'm not sure if you cancel on the seventh day your subscription will still be renewed for the next week that's just the apple how apple works so if you subscribe for a week cancel right after six days and then you won't be charged for the next week that's i think how it works you need to double check but just to be sure

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