it is possible to change a phone number in burial app just go to three dots in top right uh go to help contact us and then tap change phone number so from here you will be just yeah redirected to this type form create a new one okay so before we get started please create a new account on burial using your new phone number okay so you still i think still need to uh create an account and then uh say what was your previous phone number just enter stuff here anyways and then you know just what was your burial username and then just follow uh uh all the what was the creation of your gorilla account just to see the date how many friends did you have uh what was your device model what's your new phone number anything in particular and then you just need to submit and then tell your email address so there you have it so you basically in a nutshell you create new real account with your new phone number you tell them what was your previous phone number and then probably they will try to migrate all your friends and all your data from previous account to new one something like that hope that can be helpful at least that might work um yeah so yeah hope that is helpful

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