How to check fake followers on Instagram?

okay so here is this app which is called social auditor io and it's helpful tool to discover if you have any fake followers on instagram so you can just enter your instagram username here and yeah then for example if you have thousands and thousand followers and you want to see what's your real audience who are the real people here and how many bots are there then you need to register to see results uh so let's just see you just need to sign in this um so yeah then you just create this and then you will see how many followers you have um you will see engagement rate [Music] and then yeah then you will see just number of active followers accounts that interacted with profile at least one time within last 30 days and then to unlock the full report ah then you will need to pay so it's like 13 for one month unfortunately [Music] followers who liked or commented in the last 30 days you can see that um you can analyze here that average engagement for less than 5000 followers is 5.9 and if you have significantly lower it means that you just have a lot of bots by and fake followers and the same for all these numbers so at least for free is just analyzes your profile engagement um so that's that but yet to unlock full report unfortunately you will need to buy so hope that is helpful thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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