How to check tax refund status in IRS2GO app?

so here is IRS2Go app and with the recent update and if you just go and update the app you can check your refund status by entering your information as shown on your tax return this tool is updated to more than once every 24 hours usually overnight so all Fields required so yeah just enter text here SSN social security number here you can fill in status you can select single Merit field and Joint Market feeling separate out of household qualify and then you can just set some uh a fun amount accessibility okay so that's just separate and then yeah you can just enter the text here select the text here for which your second refund status right the stacks here at 722 tax year 2022 is through January 1st through December 31st and then you can just enter that and then yeah like just an example you can enter it here and then just tap cat status so it's like pretty pretty clear uh it's like super handy app to do that instead of going to the website and all of that so you can just quickly check it out here also you can do some payments in this app but then uh and then if you tap make a payment you still you are directed to to the website um and then yeah here you can find some free tax help and then there is a connect option to to find and then yeah you can also add some additional security for some um yeah online connection services so there you have it

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