uh so here is um this is the official website of like ape token and let's just explore like how to claim a coin airdrop you need to connect your metamask wallet before you can claim a here you can see the verified address uh so basically uh 150 million talk is 24 percent claimable by bicy and mic nft holders upon launch of apecoin the location is informed by the difference the flow price so you can see here so i think if if you if you're holding either board a nft or mutant ape nft uh board app plus a canal club and and then yeah newton app so if you hold any of those uh you will be able to to claim uh some ap coin [Music] enter the token id to see if a board iphones and ape is eligible for one-time claim of app coin so you can check it here uh and there is a 90-day claim period so you have uh uh like 87 days left so it i think it started on like 17 13 march so just calculate 90 days from that so just be quick like don't because you can probably just forget about it um and future airdrop and climbing ones are determined by appcoin tower so um [Music] there you have it um so yeah just connect metamask but i don't hold any board apes or anything at this moment uh so probably i won't be eligible yeah not probably but definitely but this is what you just need to do just you know connect your meta mask extension select account where you are holding uh you know your apes and then just connect uh no eligible tokens found in the world you need to own a board appointing a canal club in order to claim ape so there you have it in another video i created i showed how to add like a token to metamask so you can just go to adder scan copy this contract and import this contract to mathematic account [Music] so there you have it i don't know like what's that what the calculation is i can't find it here um [Music] like you know if you're on like two board apps with this floor price like how much a token would you got i don't know what is the calculation there but anyways uh that's just an overview again go to claim connect your meta mask and uh it should be okay [Music] always like you know double check what are doing and which buttons you are pressing like there was recently this were like you know this attack on open cnft marketplace where there was just like one scam email and you needed to press one button so just double check everything you click because in that case you needed to click one button and your board app was gone and this is like you know there are still a lot of issues with security in blockchain space in like in the webster world so just make sure you're on this is like a secure website you are not uh going to some like fishy email or something like that and because just one click and one signature on ethereum can just you can lose your like board abs so yeah be pretty careful so that's that i hope it was helpful

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