okay so how to contact izoic support so you just need to go to um and here you can just open live chat and then you can select all the topics here is all the topics starting from hosting providers account content apps premium video other and all of that and then just enter a message and start chat usually in my experience is work support is really amazing actually when i was setting up my website i had like 50 plus a mile messages from my account manager and my website isn't that like large and it doesn't have that much traffic even but like all the details that were able to help me out the only issue is that if you are not in your asset there of course will be like a time difference so if you have some support requested like 10 am european time you will probably get the response around 6 7 p.m european time so it's a lot of it is just tied to us times so that's that and yeah that's that's the way to uh contact them and you can also submit a ticket or check ticket status but don't know how to open a ticket probably you just need to contact on your live chat if there is some issues i will just create a ticket for you and then you can just check the ticket status here so that's how it works

29-11-2022 (Part-2 | Ezoic Account ...
29-11-2022 (Part-2 | Ezoic Account Create Update Information
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