How to contact OpenSea support via

to conduct openc support via the chat you can just go to and this is the website this is our help center um there are all these knowledge base articles i'm just was just looking for the option to conduct support but then there is chat option and then from here you can just you know there is ai chatbot um maybe you can just go here through some of the questions and then basically um [Music] yeah try to go to the real person i'm not sure like what how the process will go and if it's at all possible to contact your person here maybe it's just maybe it's just so here you can just see all the replies and all of that um so yeah so anyways that's the point um so something like that if you can't find the real person in that chat just try to dm open c underscore support so try to do that uh so anyways hope that is helpful hope your issues with opencv will be resolved and everything will be okay thank you for watching

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