here one so if you didn't know there is a cool trick you can use at cash app so if you want to buy bitcoin just tap on the right tab at the bottom and then here if you tap by you can change order type and create custom purchase order so you can automatically buy bitcoin if it reaches a price you choose can be used to buy bitcoin if it price falls or to catch the vive if the its price rises so for example yeah like you know that for example cryptocurrency usually goes out during autumn and or there are a lot of other factors of course um so you can just see all the fluctuations and say like let's for example if bitcoin reaches fifty thousand dollars uh and then i just want to buy like uh like ten thousand dollars worth of bitcoin um so you can do that in a cash app so pretty cool right also if you for example you see current price and if you say like if it's starting to rise and goes about like 58 000 i also want to buy and create a custom purchase order uh set a bitcoin price so this is a 17 from current price and then how much bitcoin would you like to buy if the price of bitcoin goes down to 50 000 i would like to buy like thousand dollars then i need to select an expiration period so if your target price is not much your custom purchase order will expire after the selected time period so you can set it up for 90 days so if during the 90 days this target price is not met um yeah then you can just uh then this custom purchase order will expire basically so anyways that's um that's a cool feature definitely try it out so if you just have a cash app account you can't do this it's you don't need to have some paid features or something like that so it should be available

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