hello everyone so here is ios 15. so if you swipe up and stop and hold and focus here you can create a new focus mode so it's really a cool update for ios 15 where you can create new focus customizations uh which can be really advanced so there are all different occasions where you want to have different types of focus without distractions so either is driving so you can create driving focus fitness focus so you don't miss out uh notifications from important people but you turn off notifications from everyone else have fitness focus turn on when you start a workout with fitness plus or on your apple watch gaming focus find funnel less focus reading focus so yeah this is the types of you can create so then you can create your own focus you can uh name it somehow uh select some emoji and then allow people for notifications so you can allow people and allow some calls from someone you know then you can just allow specific notifications from here and then your focus is ready so that's basically it uh so that's how you create your focus you can also add a schedule or automation here so like you can customize it even more so it enables automatically from 1230 to 230 uh it enables in specific location or it's enables uh when you open some specific app so that's basically it and then you can just enable it like this uh it will also be available in the in the uh in the your uh notification center here so that's that [Music] hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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