so for example i want to create a payment link in stripe why do i need a payment link well because i can just you know easily share that on email whatsapp messenger anywhere just send to customers sending a mail test a product so just go to your product select which product you want to test out so here i have all the different prices and then if i have a payment link already created i will see here view payment link if i want if i don't have that i will need to create that so then i just tap create payment link um and then yeah basically here you will see the product page uh you can see all the options you can allow promotion codes you can collect customers addresses you can require to provide a phone number include the free trial and then there is also like a confirmation page uh you can also add like a custom message and then you can also just don't show confirmation page so you can have all of that and then you can just tap create link basically here and then it just says the link is created you can also always delete that or add node or deactivate and there you have it and then copy and share this link to start accepting payments with this link so increase revenue by upselling for longer billing period share it over text email social media and get an email after every successful by imagining your set settings and then you can automate tasks with zapier and all of that so it's just you know easier way to just have this link collect payments and that's what stripe is great about where you can just create these links and it's super easy for your customers to proceed so something like that um hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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