so to create a playlist in disk z app you just go to playlist app and then you can just create new playlist which will be synced to to spotify like this create playlist and then basically all the songs you are swiping here in this app will be added to this playlist so you need to swipe right similar to tinder so this app is like tinder for discovering new cool music and then this the playlist is synced with spotify and you can listen it on spotify so basically um you're just listening to music and as you can see i just swiped right and then i added this song to to this playlist yeah and then i can also remove it and then i can just swipe through similar songs so yeah the whole idea of the app is that it's just using some advanced ai to provide you cool songs recommendations in case you're dissatisfied which is what spotify can offer or like what tik tok can offer and all of that so yeah that's how it works

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