How to create a wallet in Trust Wallet app?

hello there so here is trust crypto wallet one of the most popular uh crypto wallets out there you can also visit login to openc and other uh like blockchain part websites and services uh so here let's just explore how to create a new wallet i will show you in this video how i do it so just if you have a wallet already somewhere for example in metamask you can just import that uh if you want to create a new wallet you can just type create a new wallet as accept privacy policy terms of service then in the next step you will see 12 words that allows you to recover a wallet if you lose that you won't be able to access your wallet so these are the um 12 words like your recovery phrase basically [Music] yeah you shouldn't do that actually yeah you can just copy that and pass it somewhere um in the right order and save them somewhere safe so there you have it and then you need to verify your recovery phrase here so let's just try to do that just for the sake of this video i'll show you how it works uh and that's it your wallet was created successfully um you can enable or disable push notifications but basically there you have it uh that's your wallet here uh and yeah now you created your wallet you can have bitcoin here ethereum um or yeah some other uh you can also have like collectibles like nfts or something and there you have it that's the idea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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