hello in this video let's create an account for coin mama app so this is one of the popular uh crypto exchanges and if you want to buy you know like more than 50 more than 44 euro of bitcoin of 50 dollars you can easily do it your apple google pay but then i just need to create an account so okay let's just do it and then you just need to select your country of residence and then you can just set up the traffic yeah it's like captcha then you just create an account and then you just need to enter the information which matches your id then you just need to enter a date of birth i instantly receive a confirmation email then you just need to enter your residential address and then you just enter your zip click um and then you just enter a phone number uh and then you just so then you just need your garmin issues id pen and paper confirm your email by clicking the link we sent you and then um you just need to add your upload your document choose id type and yeah so then um yeah then just submit that so yes you see in a lot of crypto exchanges basically you need you need your id verification and that's this step actually stops a lot of people uh a lot of people not sure if it's like secure is it safe enough to to upload you know your id somewhere on some website like how secure is that but you decide it's your choice uh since calama is like you know popular exchange so now like yeah you can just i won't be uploading it now and then i just you know proceed to the next step this is i'm just using a test information and you can see it here you can then you just need to take photo or front of your id so other than that so that's basically it uh so hope that is helpful you can always reach out to coin mama support here to contact them or reach out to the help center and all that hope it can be helpful

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