here is viral dream by wumbo app let's explore the the most used feature here how to generate ai artwork but with your input image so just tap on the plus of course before that you need to create an account and here you need to enter prompt but there is amazing feature on ios app so this feature of input image is available only on iphone app it's not available on wombo web app so only here and then you can select image so you can select image from camera roll or from from your camera so here i was just also playing with it you can select all the different images usually like it doesn't work that well with faces i must be honest it much better works with landscapes or more like uh images which are uh like for example let's check out this image of star home and it works better with this kind of images with either some landscapes or some views sea beach kind of stuff like that uh if you try a selfie it's like really bad at the moment so here it's important you need to adjust influence uh your input image has a large effect on the final artwork uh it can be weak influence that kind of your image won't be that good default influence or mind your influence and then you just enter prompt so if you attach an image of like city or like you know architecture the prompt should be related it shouldn't be like beach or or like c if you enter if you have an image of the building because then like the algorithm will be a bit confused and you will get a combined image but here okay so i'll just enter like okay old building even even that is can be a bit more complicated already for algorithm but let's see how it works i will just select no style and then let's see what's happening it's just als always like very curious to see how it will work and then there you have it now is just generated this image i can regenerate it again and that's how it works but this is the image with this high influence um you let's see what will happen if i have weak influence and the same prompt so the same prompt all building and then you can see that the difference is actually pretty staggering already so it's just yeah it's creating something with all building and not like the image final image is completely different here i'm selecting average and then you can see okay so there it is so yeah you can see and i selected no style but you can also select additional style and then then it happens so there you have it uh hope hope it was helpful try it out so again you can use a select image or you can select even your camera so that's also pretty cool so that's that

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