How to create AI avatars in VOI AI avatar app by Wonder?

so how to create AI avatars in voi Avatar app by Wonder so this is one of the top apps to to create your avatars and I think it's also one of the cheapest ones you have a lot of these Styles and the process is pretty the same so you just tap on plus icon in the bottom and then tap plus again and then you will be presented with the option to upgrade unfortunately it's not possible to create your own avatar for free you can only for free create like all these styles of all these celebrities so yeah yeah for free it's not possible to do it but then you just upgrade I forgot the price but like it's not that much and then basically you create your own AI model which is basically uh like your tag which you can use in future with any other styles and you do it by up by uploading um your selfies so my recommendation would be to upload like really a lot of selfies how how many as many as possible uh just use different lighting different face expressions different emotions don't use glasses don't cover up your face or anything like that and then yeah then you can just create your own avatar after you created your avatar uh the for in the first you will just have like you know a hundred images generated for you so here I will just show you an example so I have like my avatar and then for free it will just generate like all these images so you can see here some of them some of them still have some bugs and some issues um so uh yeah you can have some like so yeah it's pretty it's still the beginning of of it so um yeah you can just start generating it and it can become better or I don't know like I think I will will become better so yeah you have that um and then you just generated your first pack then you can just go to any style you like as you can see there are all the Styles like Trend game painting art movements Aesthetics Warrior movie cosplay mix wipe sculpture traveling toys and then you can just generate uh like more and more styles of it so then you can just you know for example I want to use this style and then I tap my avatar in the bottom and then I generate with this style but I can only do it after I paid and bought the first pack uh I'm not on a like weekly or monthly subscription as I understand so it's actually pretty cheap yes you buy the first pack but then you kind of can generate all this stuff unlimited and it's a pretty good deal because the computational power for all these AI models is like super expensive and the fact that then you can just generate all of these AI models is really nice um so yeah that's basically the idea um so yeah hope you like it uh that's the way you do it and then if you want to delete your personal data tap on settings and tap delete your data in the bottom hope you enjoyed it and thank you for watching

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