How to create an account in Frank Speech app?

hello so let's try to create an account on frank's speech app so first you just need to go to this url there is no mobile app so if you try to search on apple app store or google play store you won't be able to find the app for this so only uh at the website and also yeah you need to use either safari or google chrome or some specific browsers so of course you can do it also on the desktop on your laptop not just on mobile phone so you can do it cool chrome edge safari firefox internet explorer all other browsers i think are not supported so yeah and then you need to have your phone number and email address so let's try to do that uh and then yeah and then you need to do the captcha and there you have it now you have your account here so yeah that's basically the app or this is just like a website basically again you can access it on mobile or on desktop um [Music] yup i think to create an act to finish creating an account you should receive either email or sms and then you will get a password there where you will be able to log in with your username and password so that's that's how it works so hope that is helpful                      

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