How to CREATE an ACCOUNT in RUMBLE app? (Video)

CREATE an ACCOUNT in RUMBLE app – guide

So here’s Rumble app, let’s just create a profile together. Tap on a green button “Create a profile”.

Yep, so there are different options you can create a profile in Rumble in old way – with username, password and email. Or just sign up with Apple, Facebook or Google.

So let’s just try out. I usually sign up on different apps with Apple because it is just one click and then you can just confirm with Touch ID and that should be ok. Usually with Google or Facebook, there are more clicks and hassle to create an account.

After that, you need to add username in Rumble, also you need to agree to Terms and Conditions. Tap Sign Up. And there you have it. So that’s the process.

You will land on a homefeed, where you can follow your favorite creators and see their content in an “uncensored and chronological feed”.

But, after that you will still need to add a full name, your address, country, city, state, ZIP and then add payment details for your profile – a PayPal address.

So there you have it.

Hope it was helpful.

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