How to create an event in Saturn app?

so to create an event it's a turnout just tap Plus in the top right and then you have all these types of events so for example you can just choose some event like this select some photos background you know something like this then you can just tap next you can then just add some date to it uh you can change a time you can add all that you can add location description photos link and then you can just invite people your friends and there you have it now you created your event um so then you can add it to calendar you can add a delete event you can open group chat to that event you can invite more users just copy link share via Snapchat via messenger then you just see who is a creator and yeah something like that and then it will be uh yeah your events will be reminded in the top bar and that's basically the idea um so and then you can just invite and hang out with your friends easily

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