How to create first AI avatars in DAWN AI app? Is it free?

here is done AI app and I was a paid subscriber now it's canceled so I want to show you if it's possible to create a first set of AI avatars for free like can you because this app was positional positioning itself that you can create a first set for free so let's just try it out so I just uploading this my selfies from albums let's try it out so I'm just adding this and then yeah unfortunately uh okay so now it shows me again this pop-up to upgrade but then I can still tap generate avatars and then yeah you can still generate your avatars and this is like why this app is going viral because they found kind of solution to generate this AI avatars for free uh I don't know how they did it because the computation power is like super expensive for this um and in other apps you need to pay like forty dollars for 50 or like lanzai I think it's like five or six dollars for 100 to 50 avatars here you can just generate the first first set for free however it takes 15 minutes and other apps is much faster so when you upgrade to pro version you can actually shorten that time uh you it take not 15 minutes it can take eight minutes and then you just enable notification to be notified when your avatar is ready you can leave the app you can close the app or phone it won't cancel it but like this app is going so viral and servers I think are so overloaded that um I tried this before in a free version and it took me hours like I I needed to open the app like literally the next day and only then it was ready so there were like few bugs and errors but now Sims is fixed and it just takes like 15 minutes so yeah that's why this app is going wild because actually yep you have the option to generate these 50 avatars for free completely legal in the app I think that's just how they want to get more attention more traffic more users and then get these users to upgrade later so it can be super smart why do you need to upgrade later well you have your first 50 avatars and then as you can see some of them one you will need to review later and then if you want to generate additional avatars like this like using all these filters based on your model you can only use one filter per day as I understood like you can use one filter for example me as a Cayman and then you will be presented for new avatars you can save them to your device and then you will need to wait another one day to try other filters so it becomes very limited and also on a pro version you just have faster processing time like two times faster like you need just eight minutes to generate your avatars so that's that but uh there you have it that's how you generate it for free

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