How to create Shortcut Text Last Image? (Video)

How to create Shortcut Text Last Image?

Shortcuts is a popular app on iOS. With help of shortcuts you can automate a lot of apps and processes.

In this quick tutorial I will describe how to create a Shortcut – Text Last image.

This iPhone shortcut allows you to quickly text last photo from Photos app via iMessage. So, instead of going to iMessage, looking for a photo, selecting it – you can speed up the process a lot.

It can be super helpful, if you are repeating this action a lot of times.

  • Go to Shortcuts app.
  • Go to Gallery tab – search for “Text last image”.
  • There are two actions: 1. Get the latest 1 photo, 2. Send last photo to Recipients.
  • Tap Add Shortcut in the bottom.
  • Tap on three dots in the top right. From here you can select to add app icon to the home screen.
  • If you then tap on the app icon on your home screen, this Shortcut will open your latest photo in iMessage app.


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