How to CREATE TAB GROUPS in Safari on iPhone?

hello so here i have um safari it's pretty cool actually on the on the ios 15. so if you just tap plus in the bottom left or maybe not not that so if you just tap here on the number of tabs and then here you can tap on this drop down so then you can just create new empty tab group or a group from 308 tabs so that's what you what you can do so like this will create a new tab group from uh other three hundred thousand three hundred and seven other tabs this type group will sync across all your devices so if you browse internet as i do like you have 300 tabs you can just have that or you can just create a completely new tab group which will not have any of these tabs so you decide how to do it um you can also just easily like copy links to all of these tabs and then i guess you can also just remove uh remove all these tabs quickly i forgot how to do it but yeah you you can just easily close them um so yup something like that

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