How to DELETE ACCOUNT in FIFA22 Companion app?

so in case you're using fifa 22 companion app uh basically if you have any issues with your account or with your data and you just want to try to figure out how to delete your account i think how it works is you need to have ea account to log into your fifa 22 account so it's not possible to like you know delete fifa 22 account it's just possible to disconnect that so how it works maybe you can just reach out to their support and then just tap app support and then yeah you will be redirected to where you will need to log in with your account verify vr email then basically you know you have your cases or you can just tap on support to create a new support case or somewhere here on this website and then just you know select the product like probably this one which platform are you playing on and just select select topic and maybe here you can just web companion app or something and then just write okay there are so many issues select contact option and then just i mean writing the text like to delete your account to disconnect your data or you can always just email so here's finally the form uh so yeah something like that can be helpful so and slash help so hope yeah something like that

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