so here's here is ram's app and i'm just trying just in case to figure out how you would be able to delete your account so i just created my account his email and password um and all of that but then first of all this app is like super slow um so and yeah there you have it so it's in the app store um but there is no option to delete an account right from the app so i guess you just need to tap app support here in the app store and then you'll be redirected to the website home.drums.tag and from here you should be able to reach out support so website is also loading quite slow um yeah probably because this app is literally in the top charts of the of the social media app store right now but what i would suggest is just you know go to this website here rams the tag and then just tap contact us and then um you can just tap send a message name email message and then just tap send in the bottom so something like that hope it is helpful you can also reach out to support and ask all the questions here

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