How to delete account in Status - gateway to Ethereum app?

here is this app which is called status gateway to ethereum so to delete your account tap on profile and bottom right um and then here you have your account privacy and security tab scroll to the bottom and then you can just tap to delete my profile in the bottom if you don't have your seat phrase written down you will lose access to your funds after you delete your profile so there you have it because what they mean is that this app is also a crypto wallet it's your wallet meaning that yeah if you bought some ethereum here you would be able to import your wallet in matamask for example and even if you delete your account here you still can access your funds everywhere because it's kind of like a webstery concept but yeah I'm still kind of surprised that you can delete your profile in this app because usually in Webster apps it's not possible like in a metamask it's not possible to delete your account um yeah like or like some other like in openc for example some other Webster apps it's not possible where it's possible in web 2 apps you can easily delete your account but if your data is on blockchain how you can delete it so probably this app is kind of like a still has like web 2 front end where it still uses some traditional attack and some elements of web3 where yeah so that's just my shots

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