here's with the chair app so how to delete an account here i'm just trying to figure it out um so [Music] basically it's easy to delete the widget but i'm not sure how to delete your account um [Music] okay so i even don't know how to conduct support here so what i would do it's just going to the app store going to the page of this app and then just going to that app and then in usually in the app store you will have an option to contact app developer just on the right side and under the app you will have the option to contact app developer and then you can basically reach out there and yeah so here is wichita app so then basically here you can contact app support tap on up support here and then you should be able yet to reach out to their support and in there you can just write like hey delete my account all my features to be available and all of that so here you can just see that the support is just on and then you can just reach out gallo dot games and so something like that then just write to them delete my account

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