hey everyone so here is app so i just i'm i'm accessing it on the web browser of course there is also an iphone app so if you want to delete your account you can also do it only do it through the web browser not through the web app so just go to the user so just tap in top right tap on view profile account settings or yeah just tap on account settings and then user and then here in the bottom again only in the web browser not in the mobile app you will have the option to delete an account so then you just need to confirm with your password in the bottom and tap yes delete my account delete your account to remove all your personal information from locals all posts comments replies any content submitted from this account will no longer be associated with your account username will also become available gun for anyone to use so if you are supported to any of the communities you joined please cancel a subscription on all before you delete hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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