How to delete an account in Peloton app?

hey there so here is peloton app uh so to delete your account i would do this so i will just go to more and yeah here if you go to preferences or other menu tabs there is no option to delete an account from the app um so yeah that's that but what you would do in such situations i'll just tap on support there and then if you scroll a bit down there is like a chat option then you just enter your email uh your you uh a name email and then here um [Music] you can just write here hardware and software and that then something like this i would say like that and then just tap start chat um and then yeah just figure it out with a support people that's what i would do if there is no button to delete account in palatine of course you can cancel your membership but canceling membership doesn't delete your account and your data and of course if you just delete the app i think deleting the app won't cancel your membership and it won't delete your account so anyways if you have better ideas just leave them in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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