How to DELETE BEREAL? I finally figured it out

so this is the correct way to delete your burial um this is the only way which works it's a bit tricky uh but yeah there you have it so as i understood you can only delete your latest burial so here is your burial in my friend's feed and then uh basically uh yeah you need to tap below the add captions there is like a two hour late and or whatever like this great text is and then you just tap options and then delete might be real remove for discovery means that you will change privacy of burial after posting but it still will be visible to to send it to your friends to say it so here you need to tap delete my burial and it will be deleted from everywhere you can only do it to your latest photo and also if you see these memories memories are not the discovery feed you can delete the memories but delete from memories but it still will be available in your feed so there you have it hope it was helpful

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